Rod and Wheel House is only ever booked to one party, person or group. It is not possible to book a room. Only bookings for the entire house are accepted.

The house is a private free standing dwelling surrounded by hedges, fences and garden. It is overseen by a House Manager who lives nearby and is available to assist guests with keys, house functions and general information about the region.

The basic rate applies to an occupancy of 2 guests. Additional guests are charged an extra $25/night/person. The additional rate applies equally to children and adults.

The minimum booking accepted is for two nights.

Rates are shown in New Zealand dollars.


Length of stay

2 guests/night

3 guests/night

4 guests/night

5 guests/night

6 guests/night

2 nights (Minimum)

nzd $280

nzd $305

nzd $330

nzd $355

nzd $380

3-6 nights

nzd $250

nzd $275

nzd $300

nzd $325

nzd $350

7-13 nights

nzd $230

nzd $255

nzd $280

nzd $305

nzd $330

14-27 nights

nzd $220

nzd $245

nzd $270

nzd $295

nzd $320

28+ nights

nzd $190

nzd $215

nzd $240

nzd $265

nzd $290

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